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Bacterial populations can, under certain conditions, react in a coordinated manner to chemical messages produced by a minority of their members, as a new theoretical study carried out by LMU biophysicists shows. more

On July 21, the Nano Innovation Awards were awarded at the Center for NanoScience (LMU Munich). For the first time, candidates from all over Bavaria were invited to apply for the awards worth € 9.000. Three PhD students and one Master student from Würzburg and Munich won prizes for their innovative work in application-oriented nanoscience. The awardees were selected by an expert jury from industry, LMU, TUM and the Fraunhofer Institut EMFT. more

Physicists have entangled two rubidium atoms at a distance of 400 metres and performed fast and efficient measurements of their spin states. Their study contradicts certain assumptions of classical physics. more


18.09.2017  -  23.09.2017