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Incoming Exchange Students

Academic Calendar

Winter term officially starts on October 1st and lasts until March 31st. Summer Term officially starts on April 1st and lasts until September 30th.

Usually, in the winter term lectures start in mid-October and end in mid-February. In the summer term, lectures start in April and end at the end of July. Check LMU's Academic Calendar for the lecture periods of the next five semesters.

Course Catalogue

The offical course catalogue "LSF-Vorlesungsverzeichnis" is usually available 2-3 months before the semester starts. You can find all offered lectures at LMU there. You do not need to login to look through it. The courses are sorted by program and course type. There is a guide how to work with LSF.

For a list of courses taught in English and a quick introduction into choosing courses please visit the following website: Choosing Courses at LMU as an Erasmus Student or LMUexchange Student

Additional Information on Courses in Physics

Please see the chapter Vorlesungen (German) for a list of current courses that offer online important information and material. A detailed description on courses is given in the module guide ("Modulhandbuch"; just available in German):

Study curricula as well as general information about the various programs at LMU can be found under Degree Programs.

Learning Agreement

Submitting a learning agreement is mandatory for Erasmus+ students. We ask other exchange students to fill out such an agreement as well, since it helps to identify study objectives.

Erasmus+ students will receive their Learning Agreement from their home university. All other exchange students may download the Learning Agreement from the respective LMU website. There you will also find more information about the learning agreement.

In this agreement, you should state the courses you would like to attend while studying at LMU. If the course catalogue is not yet available at the time you need to fill out the agreement, we advise you to choose from the courses offered the previous year or semester.

Enrolling for Classes

In general you do not have to register to courses in physics. In some exceptional cases a registration via LSF is required for exercise groups or seminars. In case registration is required, you see a button "belegen/anmelden" for the specific course in LSF. In general, all organisational informations are clarified in the first lecture of the semester.