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What is a Learning Agreement?

Every Erasmus+ Exchange Student has to conclude a Learning Agreement. This agreement determines the courses you will take abroad and which of them can later on be recognized in your studies in your physics degree program at LMU.

To conclude the Learning Agreement correctly, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Wait until you receive the personalized document from the International Office after you have been accepted at a partner university. With your personalized form, you will also get a guide how to fill in the form. Do not use any other form than that. Only this form includes all necessary information (esp. for recognition of courses after your stay).

Step 2: Search the course catalogue of the partner university and choose the courses you want to attend. If the course catalogue for the upcoming term is not yet available, choose the courses acoording to the course catalogue of the current or previous semesters. It is also possible to attend courses you do not want to integrate into your studies at home.

Step 3: Send a list of the courses via email to fachstudienberatung@physik.uni-muenchen.de. Please include weblinks to the relevant course description of each course your choose. Only on the basis of such a course description the Fachstudienberatung can estimate, if the course is recognizable for your physics degree program at LMU afterwards. The Fachstudienberatung will review your suggestions and keep you informed.

Step 4: Fill out the complete form - table A and B. Send the completed form as pdf via email again to  fachstudienberatung@physik.uni-muenchen.de.

Step 5: After the Fachstudienberatung has reviewed your Learning Agreement, you will get back a signed copy . The signed copy should be included with your application at the partner university and has to be send (signed by both the Faculty of Physics at LMU and at your partner university) to the International Office (via email). This has to be done the latest shorty after you have arrived at the partner university. It serves as a prerequisite for the payment of your first part of the Erasmus grant.

Please note:

  • If you have any questions during the process of searching for relevant courses, visit our program counselors (Fachstudienberatung). Please check the current office hours.
  • If you want to make changes to your Learning Agreement during your stay, this is possible via a second Learning Agreement titled "During the Mobility", which you will receive later on.
  • Information on the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement is also given on LMU's webpage Learning Agreement.
  • After you return, you probably want to request a recognition of courses taken abroad. Please see the chapter After Your Return for the process of transferring credits.