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The worldwide exchange program LMUexchange includes more than 100 universities around the globe. As a benefit of the program, exchange students are exempted from tuition fees. LMUexchange-scholarships may be bound to a certain department or open to all LMU students. LMU's International Office is in charge of organizing the program.

Here are some links for a first overview of the program:

Planning: When thinking about studying abroad, you should first make up your mind about some preconditions. To make sure you know what to expect and what possibilities you have to go abroad, read through our page Plan Your Exchange first.

Possible destinations and Partner Universities: Find out to which Partner Universities you may apply as a LMU Physics Student.

Application: LMUexchange is organized by the International Office. Consequently, the LMU International Office is in charge of the application process. You will find advice on the application process on the LMUexchange homepage Bewerbung über das Referat Internationale Angelegenheiten. Note that the application deadline varies depending on your destination (e.g. North America: 15.12., Australia: 15.06.)!

Grants: The exchange program LMUexchange does not include a monthly grant (like Erasmus does). However, there are various other options to fund your stay abroad. Check out LMU's homepage Finanzierung des Auslandsstudiums to find out more.

Further Information: For more information about the program, visit the website LMUexchange (German). Furthermore, the International Office provides very useful brochures for an overview of the program at its Information Desk. Contact persons for an exchange with LMUexchange are listed here.