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Plan Your Exchange

Best time to integrate an exchange into your studies

Bachelor students ...

... should plan to go abroad as late as possible (during the 5th or 6th semester). This is because many Bachelor programs abroad last 4 years long and some universities provide a period of general education at the beginning of a program. Only this way you can be sure to attend relevant courses for your studies at home and make the most out of your time abroad.

Master Students...

... can integrate their exchange at any time. If you consider the 1st semester of a Master Degree Progam as exchange period, be aware that your application for an exchange depends on your successful assessment and enrollment at LMU for a Master Degree Program at our Faculty.

Preparation time

First of all, keep in mind that planning an exchange takes up to 12 months, depending on the country you wish to study in. You should start planning at least 9 months prior to your exchange. When applying for a scholarship, you may need even more preparation time.