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Laser-source development at LEX-Photonics - Status and plans

Dr. Zsuzsanna Major (MPI f. Quantenoptik, Garching / LMU München)

Date:  May 31, 2012 16:00  – 17:00 

Place: Am Coulombwall 1, Garching
Lecture Hall (ground floor)

The Laboratory for Extreme Photonics (LEX-Photonics) of the LMU, located at the campus in Garching, is a new research infrastructure aiming at the development of novel ultrahigh-power light sources with the final goal of applying these unique light pulses to medical diagnosis and therapy as well as to fundamental research in the field of attosecond science. LEX-Photonics constitutes a pillar that supports the future research facility CALA (Centre for Advanced Laser Applications), which is a joint infrastructure of LMU and TUM. Since the LEX building has recently been completed, the laser development activities will start in the near future. In my talk I will give an overview of the planned laser systems with particular emphasis on the unique requirements for the respective applications. The applied technologies range from "conventional" Ti:Sapphire chirped-pulse amplification to novel picosecond-pumped optical parametric amplification using thin-disk solid-state technology as a pump-laser source. I will discuss the potential, the limitations and the technological challenges of these systems.