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Celebratory colloquium on the occasion of the 85th birthday of Prof. Dr. Herbert Daniel

Prof. Allen Caldwell (MPI f. Physik, München): Accelerator ideas for the future: Muon Colliders and Plasma Wakefield Accelerators

Date:  November 24, 2011 16:00  – 17:30 

Place: Am Coulombwall 1, Garching
Lecture Hall (ground floor)

The construction of ever larger and costlier accelerator facilities cannot continue forever,  and new technologies will be needed to push the energy frontier.  Two possible avenues for the future will be discussed: a novel acceleration technique based on plasma wake fields, and colliding muons rather than electrons. Plasma wakefield acceleration is a rapidly developing  field and the current status and experimental plans will be discussed. As for muon colliders - muons have the advantages of electrons in that they have no substructure, while the heavier mass suppresses synchrotron radiation such that high energies can be reached in a circular accelerator. However, muons are unstable and decay in two microseconds, such that novel techniques are needed to use them effectively in a particle collider.