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Professor Viatcheslav Mukhanov awarded

Munich, October 10, 2014

Professor Viatcheslav Mukhanov received the "Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling prize" of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences for his pioneering contributions to the "resolution of the puzzles of the Universe". Professor Mukhanov was awarded the prize endowed with 25000Euro for explaining the origin of structure as originating from tiny quantum fluctuations in the very early Universe. These fluctuations are amplified and eventually become classical providing the seeds for the formation of macroscopic structure such as galaxies and galaxy clusters. More precisely, Professor Mukhanov predicted the amplitude of these fluctuations as a function of their wavelength. These fluctuations leave an imprint in the cosmic microwave background radiation which can be measured today. The spectral index predicted by Mukhanov has recently been confirmed to a very high precision by the Planck Satellite experiment of the European Space Agency.