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Website: go Meteorological Institute in Munich (MIM)

Prof. Dr. George Craig

Website: Atmospheric Dynamics

  • Stochastic parametrizations
  • Ensemble predictions and predictability
  • Data assimilation
  • Forecast verification

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Mayer

Website: Remote Sensing and Radiative Transfer

  • Atmospheric radiative transfer
  • Lidar remote sensing of aerosol and clouds
  • Cloud spectrometer
  • UV radiation: measurements and simulation

Dr. Janjic-Pfander, Dr. Weissmann

Website: Data Assimilation and Ensemble Forecasting (HErZ)

Prof. Dr. Mark Wenig

Website: Trace Gases

  • Remote sensing of pollutants in the air
  • Ground- and satellite-based differential optical absorption spectroscopy
  • Radiation transport modelling, simulation, digital image processing

Prof. Smith

Website: Tropical Meteorology

  • Dynamics of Tropical Cyclones
  • Tropical Lows
  • Heat Lows, Heat Troughs
  • Tropical Cloud Lines
  • Subtropical and Tropical Cold Fronts

Prof. Dr. Markus Rapp

Website: DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics

  • Investigation of complex processes in the middle atmosphere
  • Measurements using high-altitude rockets
  • Measurements using ground-based radar and lidar methods