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Solid state physics, nanophysics

Prof. Dr. Jan von Delft

Web page: go http://www.theorie.physik.uni-muenchen.de/lsvondelft/

  • Mesoscopic physics
  • Electron transportation via strongly correlated nanostructures
  • Solid state-based quantum information processing

Prof. Dr. Jochen Feldmann

Web page: go http://www.phog.physik.uni-muenchen.de/

  • Optoelectronics and sensorics with metallic and semiconductive nanoparticles
  • Self-organization-based organic/anorganic component production
  • Ultra-fast dynamics of quantum point lasers
  • Time-resolved single-molecule spectroscopy
  • Development of high-sensitivity optical procedures for medical diagnostics

Prof. Dr. Roland Kersting

Web page: go http://www.thz.physik.uni-muenchen.de/

  • Terahertz dynamics in nanostructures
  • Terahertz photonics
  • Instrumentation for time-resolved THz microscopy

Prof. Dr. Jörg P. Kotthaus

Web page: go http://www.nano.physik.uni-muenchen.de/

  • Semiconductor nanostructures: quantumphenomena, electronics, electromechanics, photonics, sensorics
  • Nanofabrication methods
  • Bonding nanostructures with biosystems

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schollwöck

Web page: go http://www.theorie.physik.uni-muenchen.de/lsschollwoeck

  • Strongly correlated low-dimensional solids
  • Ultracold atom gases
  • Dynamics of strongly correlated quantum systems far from equilibrium
  • Computational physics

Prof. Dr. Thomas Weitz

Web page: go http://www.nanosys.physik.uni-muenchen.de/index.html

  • Experimental quantum transport in low dimensional materials (e.g. graphene)
  • Organic electronics: field-effect transistors, electroluminescence, sensors
  • Fundamentals of charge transport in organic semiconductors