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Bachelor in Physics plus expanded minor

Alternatively to the Bachelor's program in Physics described above, LMU Munich also offers the option of studying for a Bachelor in Physics plus expanded minor. The Faculty of Physics introduced these programs in response to the new challenges posed where Physics and other sciences intersect. An additional goal is the stronger emphasis on earlier professional qualification.

The Faculty of Physics offers a minor in meteorology with 60 ECTS credit points and a minor in astronomy with 30 ECTS credit points.

One of the core goals of introducing the Bachelor in Physics plus expanded minor was to create Physics programs with a stronger interdisciplinary focus in order to better answer the demands of today's jobs market. To do so, our Physics training concentrates on teaching the most important methods and ideas, thereby providing an overview of modern Physics.

The various requirements attached to one's choice of minor are regulated by corresponding minor subject stipulations. In addition, well-trained counselors for each minor are available who also work toward coordinating individual classes.

You will find details on the Bachelor in Physics plus expanded minor on the Faculty's German website.