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Why study physics?

Curious about the natural world's deeper interconnections? Do you instinctively think logically and mathematically? Are you creative? Do you like working in groups and also like working alone on a problem, always goal-oriented, motivated and unshakable?

Then you've got what it takes to study physics at LMU Munich!

What can you expect?

Studying Physics provides you with skills in scientific work, logical-mathematical thinking and quantitative work with numbers and formulas, experimentation, information technology, teamwork and self-sufficiency.

The fascination of today's physics research

Physics deals with everything from the smallest building blocks of matter to the growth of the universe. And each day sees the emergence of new and exciting fields of research: the development of hack-proof data communication – quantum communication – the development of polymer lasers, the unification of quantum theory with the general theory of relativity through string theory, the examination of biological processes at the molecular level, the development of quantum computers, and on and on and on...

Bright career outlook

Because of their highly trained intellectual skills, physicists are much sought-after in the labor market. To name but a few examples, there are career opportunities in research and development - be it in medicine, biotechnology, the environment or software – in financial and business consulting, at banks, at patent law firms, in marketing and in education.