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Laboratory Courses for Physics (B.Sc./LA Gym./Dipl./Master) and Mathematicans (B.Sc.):

Introductory Experimental Courses P1 and P2, Experimental Courses P3A and P3B:

Dr. Jürgen Durst

Experimental Courses F1/V.1 and P5.2.7, P6.0.7 and Biophysics Master Program:

Dr. Martin Benoit

Laboratory Courses for biologists, geologists, pharmacists, teaching credentials in chemistry (Gym.) or physics (RS) as well as physics as a minor subject:

Dr. Karsten Jessen

Laboratory courses for chemists (B.Sc./Dipl.):

Dr. Jürgen Durst

Laboratory courses for medicine students:

Dr. Georgi Rangelov

Laboratory courses for school classes:

Bernhard Emmer

Secretariat :

Elisabeth Karakoussis (Mo. - Fr.)

Irmgard Beier (Tu. - Fr.)

Certificates (Teaching Credential in Physics, Physics B.Sc.):

You may pick up your certificate ("Schein") at the examination office.

Technical Assistance:

Harald Hoppe

Wolfgang Winklmeier