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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

After you have been accepted at LMU you will find information on various issues concerning your studies under Study Physics at LMU. Nevertheless, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

I am curious about the courses that are offered during my stay at LMU, however, the LSF is not open yet. What can I do?

The LSF is usually available 2-3 months before semester start. But, you can still get an insight about the course catalogue. Since many courses at the Faculty of Physics are being repeated every year, you can check the courses of the past semesters in LSF: On the upper right corner right next to "Deutsche Version" bzw. "English version" you can choose the course catalogue up to the past two years.

Do I have to register for courses?

In general you do not have to register for courses in physics. In some exceptional cases a registration via LSF is required for exercise groups or seminars. In case a registration is required you see a button "belegen/anmelden" for the specific course in LSF. In general all organisational informations are clarified in the first lecture of the semester.

Where can I find additional information on lectures, worksheets, etc.?

The lecturers often provide important information and lecture materials online in the chapter Vorlesungen (in German available only).

Where can I print, scan or copy documents?

You can print, scan or copy documents in our CIP pools either in the building of Schellingstr. 4 or in Theresienstr. 37-41. Click here for further information including a manual for print, scan and copy services.

As a student of Bachelor's Degree, is it possible to choose courses of Master's Degree Program?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose courses of Master's Degree Program when you are enrolled in Bachelor's Degree Program. However, students of Master's Degree may follow courses of Bachelor's Degree.

Do I have to buy the books used in lectures?

Believe us, you will save a lot of money when you rent the books in the library. You can therefore use the library of the faculty of physics and mathematics located in Theresienstr. 37. Click here for further information (only available in German). Be aware, that you will need a library card in order to borrow books. The library card is not the same card as your student card! Here, you will find information how you get your library card and how you can use your account.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions, check out the LMU International Student Guide All important contacts for counseling at the Faculty of Physics are listed under Contacts and Counseling.