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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

After you have been accepted at LMU you will find information on various issues concerning your studies under Study Physics at LMU. Nevertheless, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Where can I find the detailed course program?

The offical course catalogue "LSF-Vorlesungsverzeichnis" offers an overview of all lectures at LMU Munich. You do not need to login to look through it. The courses are sorted by program and course type. There is a guide how to work with LSF.

Do I have to register for courses?

In general you do not have to register for courses in physics. In some exceptional cases a registration via LSF is required for exercise groups or seminars. In case a registration is required you see a button "belegen/anmelden" for the specific course in LSF. In general all organisational informations are clarified in the first lecture of the semester.

When can I find the up-to-date course catalogue for the upcoming semester?

The offical course catalogue ("Vorlesungsverzeichnis") is usually available 2-3 months before the semester starts.

What are the semester dates and when do courses start?

Winter term officially starts on October 1st and lasts until March 31st. Summer Term officially starts on April 1st and lasts until September 30th.

Usually, in the winter term lectures start in mid-October and end in mid-February. In the summer term, lectures start in April and end at the end of July. Check LMU's webpage Academic Calendar for the lecture periods of the next five semesters.

Where can I find additional information on lectures, worksheets, etc.?

The lecturers often provide important information and lecture materials online in the chapter Vorlesungen (in German available only).

Where can I print, scan or copy documents?

You can print, scan or copy documents in our CIP pool in the ground floor of the building in Schellingstr. 4. Click here for further information.

When do exams take place?

Written exams take place in the semester break. Usually, the exam period extends over the second and third week of the semester break. For most compulasory courses a second exam period is at the end of the semester break.

See the German page Klausuren for details on the exams each semester.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions, check out the LMU International Student Guide. All important contacts for counseling at the Faculty of Physics are listed under Contacts and Counseling.