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International Degree Students

Important: The information below is relevant for a LMU Master Degree Program in Physics, Astrophysics, or Meteorology. For application to the Elite-Master Degree Program in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (TMP) see the TMP Website.

Applying as an International Student for a Physics Master Degree Program in Physics, Astrophysics or Meteorology

Application to a Physics Master program named above takes two steps:

1. Applying for Admission to the Master Degree Program at the Faculty of Physics (incl. Assessment)

2. Applying for Admission as International Student at LMU's International Office

Here you will get a brief overview on the application process in general. For a detailed description on applying for admission to the Master Degree Prgram at the Faculty of Physics visit our websiteApplication for Admission to a Master Program at the Faculty of Physics.

1. Applying for Admission at the Faculty of Physics

Entry Requirements

Applicants for any Master program must meet specific requirements. These include

  • a successfully completed first degree in Physics, Astrophysics, Meteorology or in another mathematical/ scientific field
  • as well as passing an assessment conducted by the Faculty of Physics.

Application Deadline

The deadline for application at the Faculty of Physics is July 15 for the winter term and February 15 for the summer term.


The assessment has the purpose to determine whether you are eligible for the Master's program you applied to. Registering for the assessment goes hand in hand with the application to the Faculty of Physics: if you hand in all necessary documents, you are automatically registered for the assessment.

If you pass the assessment, you will receive a letter of acceptance. This letter must be submitted to the International Office, together with other required documents, for the enrollment procedure later on. Please do not forget that your application is only complete if you apply additionally to LMU's international Office! (see below: Applying at LMU's International Office).

Further information about the application procedure at the Faculty of Physics and the required documents may be found under Application for Admission to a Master Program at the Faculty of Physics. Please note that there are slightly different application procedures for the various Master programs.

2. Applying at LMU's International Office

In addition to applying at the Faculty of Physics you have to apply to LMU's International Office until July 15 for winter term or until January 15 for summer term the latest. Information on required documents and the application process is given on LMU's website Admission Information for International Degree Students. You will also find the application form there.

What's next?

After the application deadline, the International Admissions Office closes for two to three weeks to process applications. Notifications are sent out no earlier than four to five weeks after the application deadline. You will then receive an official notification of admission (Zulassungsbescheid) from the International Office. With this official notification of admission you will have to enroll at LMU. You may also want to check the FAQs on the current status of your application and registration offered by the International Office.