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Graduation Ceremony 2018

The Faculty of Physics congratulates on the newly acquired academic degree

Munich, 10.11.2018

On Saturday, the Faculty of Physics honoured its graduates of the academic year 2017/2018 at the annual graduate celebration in the Great Hall of the LMU.

Graduation Ceremony 2018

Together with their guests and the members of the Faculty of Physics, the graduates of the Bachelor's, Master's, Teacher's and Doctoral programmes celebrated their graduations.

As the highlight of the event, Dean Professor Dr. Ralf Bender and Dean of Studies Professor Dr. Jochen Weller presented the certificates. In particular, Duc Viet Hoang, Bodo Kaiser and Joshua Krink were honoured for their tireless commitment to the student body.

Professor Dr. Dr. Peter Höppe gave a lecture on physics as a basis for understanding climate change. Physicists and non-physicists alike were delighted with the well-founded and easy-to-understand presentation by the chairman of the Munich University Society and alumnus of the faculty.

Nicola Kerschbaumer and Dr. Franziska Kriegel also presented the results of their final theses in a very vivid manner. Ms. Kerschbaumer conceived and tested a fatty acid structure with which DNA can be precisely transported into cells in order to manipulate genes for medical purposes. Dr. Kriegel, on the other hand, literally danced DNA and demonstrated the effects of twisting on the DNA double helix.

At the following party the guests let the evening end with champagne, snacks and stimulating conversations.

The Faculty wishes its graduates all the best for their future study, research and working life!