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Physics Student Research Conference

“StuFo - landed”: PSRC 2019 – Physics Student Research Conference of the Faculty of Physics

Munich, January 22nd, 2019

“Science is You“- On January 19, 2019, the third Student Research Conference of the Faculty of Physics took place. A "student-to-student" conference where undergraduate and graduate students from various departments of the faculty presented their research to other students.

Participants of the PSRC 2019.

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18 students presented their research topics to the 40 participants of the conference. Mrs. Pauline Kolbeck, Master student in the group of Professor Lipfert impressed the critical audience in particular: she received the Best Student Talk Award of the PSRC 2019 with her outstanding talk in biophysics: "SYBR Gold Binding to DNA: A Small Molecule Makes DNA Sparkle". Her price: a 500 € voucher for a conference trip of her choice. With this, she referred her fellow student, Mr Julian Wienand, to the second place with his talk on solid-state physics/quantum optics. Mr Wienand received a DPG membership and a voucher for 300 € for a DPG conference trip. Philipp Konrad and Leonard Doyle from the field of solid state physics/quantum optics are the third-place winners. They will enjoy book vouchers worth 200 € each.

More information about the PSRC 2019 can be found at www.en.physik.lmu.de/psrc.

Science is You.

The main focus of the Student Research Conference PSRC was the communication of their own research. The program of the conference resembled that of an "ordinary" conference. After an official welcome by the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Physics, Professor Jochen Weller and the representatives of the student council, who formed the so-called "Student Board", three parallel sessions took place in the morning and in the afternoon. The Student Board accompanied the scientific program before and during the Student Research Conference and was the point of contact for the students. The lectures of the conference reflected the broad spectrum of scientific research at the Faculty of Physics: student speakers from the chairs were nominated from astrophysics, quantum optics, biophysics, medical physics, solid state physics, nanophysics and particle physics. Questions from Experimental Physics as well as well as Theoretical Physics were presented.

The keynote talks were provided by Nicola Kerschbaumer, M.Sc. with her talk about "Optical Tweezers - Manipulating Micro and Nanoobjects with Light" and Dr. Lars von der Wense, who lectured on "From the atomic to the nuclear optical clock". In addition to exciting talks, discussions, a delicious lunch and a final "Get Together" there was enough time for general exchange and chat about studies and research. Many of the students were able to gain inspiration for their research work, make new contacts or gather ideas for an upcoming PhD project.

Perfect preparation.

In the run-up to the event, the speakers trained for the PSRC and worked intensively on their talks in the workshop "Presenting your Research" with a professional trainer. This helped to limit the own talk to the given time limit of 10 minutes and to refine the presentation techniques.

The trip goes on.

The PSRC was launched in 2017 to strengthen research orientation during the course of study and is funded by the Lehre@LMU project for this purpose. The next PSRC will take place in January 2020.