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Physics Student Research Conference 2021

„Science is virtually You“ – Physics Student Research Conference 2021

Munich, March 23, 2021

„Science is virtually You“ – that was the motto of the Student Research Conference of the Faculty of Physics taking place on March 9, 2021. A conference "by students for students"! This year, for the first time via video conference, bachelor's and master's students from various fields of the faculty presented their research work to other students in short talks.

Picture: Group photo of the particpants of PSRC 2021.

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On March 9, 2021, the Student Research Conference of the Faculty of Physics took place for the fifth time - this year for the first time in a video conference.

After a welcome by the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Physics Professor Dr. Jochen Weller, Sheena Löffel made the exciting start of the conference with her keynote talk "Potential links between stratospheric and tropospheric extremes in the winter of 2019/20" and spoke about dynamical links between stratosphere and troposphere that can influence surface weather. Ms. Löffel attended PSRC last year and was awarded the "Best Student Talk Award 2020" for her talk.

Picture: Keynote Speaker, Sheena Löffel.

Picture: Keynote Speaker, Sheena Löffel.

The 52 participants enjoyed 14 talks from astrophysics, cosmology, solid state physics, mathematical physics, quantum optics, laser physics, medical physics, analytical methods & chaos and nonlinear dynamics and meteorology, which were held in parallel sessions.

About 25 audience members per session followed the talks of the students from experimental and theoretical physics with great interest and were able to switch between the individual "virtual rooms" like at a symposium. Although experimental physics was more strongly represented than theoretical physics, there was a successful mixture of different topics.

The presenters trained for the PSRC in advance and worked intensively on their talks with professional trainers in the workshop "Presenting your Research". This helped the students to limit their own talk to the given time limit of 10 minutes and to refine presentation techniques. This year, tips and tricks for presenting in a video conference were given in particular.

After each presentation, the audience was able to evaluate the presentation of each speaker using an online questionnaire. They were able to assign a grade and make additional personal comments for the speakers. The "Student Board" with representatives of the Physics Student Council accompanied the scientific program during the Student Research Conference and moderated the parallel sessions.

After a total of four sessions, Mr. Vitaly Wirthl was welcomed with his "Special Talk" on "Precision spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen and deuterium". Mr. Wirthl is working on his PhD in hydrogen spectroscopy at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in the Laser Spectroscopy Department of Professor Dr. T. W. Hänsch. He vividly explained in his lecture that the hydrogen atom can be used to determine the constants of nature and test quantum electrodynamics, which is the basis for all quantum field theories. The students got an exciting insight into laser spectroscopy and were able to learn about the working life of a PhD student.

Picture: Presentation by video conference, Vitaly Wirthl.

Picture: Presentation by video conference, Vitaly Wirthl.

After the scientific program, the participants were randomly "thrown together" into different "rooms" at the "Get- Together" and were invited for informal exchange.

The highlight of the conference was the final award ceremony for the best presentation, which was determined by the average of the scores of the personal evaluation sheets. Professor Weller made it especially exciting with virtual academic cap and announced Ms. Anna-Katharina Schmidt as the winner of the "Best Student Talk Award 2021" to the applause of the participants.

Ms. Schmidt is a master student at the Chair of Medical Physics with Professor Dr. Jörg Schreiber and gave a talk on "The Sound of Ions - Calibration of Acoustic Detectors for Laser Accelerated Ion Bunches". She is working on detecting sound waves from ionization processes in water as part of her master's thesis. Her excellently structured talk invited many interested questions and lively discussion.

 Presentation by video conference of the „Best Student Talk Award“ winner, Anna-Katharina Schmidt.

Presentation by video conference of the „Best Student Talk Award“ winner, Anna-Katharina Schmidt.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winner, Ms. Schmidt, and to thank all participants for their interesting presentations! A big thank you also goes to the „Student Board“ and all supervisors of the participants who supported them in the preparation.

It was a very successful and exciting conference! We are looking forward to the next Physics Student Research Conference in 2022.