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Doctoral Examination

Information on the submission and defense of a doctoral thesis

Submission of the documents:

Due to the necessary precautions due to the corona epidemic, it is currently not possible to hand in your dissertation personally at the Dean’s office of the Faculty of Physics. Please send your copies with all completely filled documents to LMU Munich, Faculty of Physics, Dean's Office, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 Munich, Germany.


Under the special CoVid-19 circumstances defences are held online. Please note the following important procedures:
  1. All parties involved in the defence must agree with the procedure described here.
  2. The student and the examiner meet in person in a room. The examiner present in person should ideally be the committee chair. This ensures the legal validity of the exam and the proper handling of the paperwork.
  3. Please use a large seminar room where examiner(s) and student can sit separated by >> 2m.
  4. All other examiners can participate in the exam remotely. DFNconf, LRZmeet and in exceptional cases Zoom are suitable and approved according to IT security standards.
  5. To help with the presentation of the thesis, students are allowed up to five powerpoint slides (to replace the blackboard) but otherwise should present their work as usual (i.e. without script).
  6. The examiner in charge of the minutes should sign these and e-mail the signed version to the chair of the committee, who will sign the minutes. The committee chair prints the protocol, signs it again and sends it to together with all other paperwork to the Dean's Office.
  7. The committee chair is responsible for the proper handling of the paperwork, for compliance with the regulations for the acceptance of the doctoral examination, including the proper documentation and submission to the dean's office.
To make an appointment, please contact your supervisor and the commission members as usual.
If you have any questions or unforeseeable problems occur, please contact Mrs. Merita Shabanaj.

Further important information:

Please note the current information from the Faculty of Physics and the LMU Munich on how to deal with the corona crisis at any time by following the links below:

PhD application and submission of the dissertation

Cumulative doctoral thesis: In case you prepare a cumulative doctoral thesis, your supervisor has to submit an application for approval to the Dean. This application has to be made prior to the submission of the doctoral thesis and has to include a list of all publications, especially those of which you are the lead author. You can prepare a cumulative doctoral thesis only after the Dean has approved the respective application.

  1. Please make an appointment with the Dean’s Office for the submission of your doctoral thesis. The Dean’s Office will also provide you with more detailed information about the further conduct of the procedure, including oral examination.
  2. You have to submit eight copies of your doctoral thesis. Your doctoral thesis should be preceded by an abstract in German language, included in your thesis.
  3. All required documents and documents giving evidence can be found in the form Application for Admission to Doctoral Studies (pdf). Please read this form carefully in order to ensure that different documents can be issued in due time prior to the admission of your thesis.
  4. A list containing the suggested members of the Doctoral Examination Committee (pdf) can be submitted previously for revision; it always has to be approved by the Dean.

    Please note the following: The members of the Committee have to represent different fields of physics.

  5. In case you have any question regarding for instance the cover sheet or layout, please address to Dekanat17@lmu.de.

Note: A time limit of at least six weeks should be granted between the submission of your thesis and your oral examination, so that all deadlines can be duly met. The applicant determines the date of the doctoral examination in consultation with all members of the Examination Committee. Ideally, you notify the Dean’s Office of the date and hour of the examination upon the submission of your doctoral thesis, sofern die Promotionskommission schon vorab genehmigt wurde.

Please note the following:
The provisional notification you will receive following the oral examination does not entitle you to hold the doctoral degree; designations such as Doctor designatus (Dr. des.) or similar titles are not admissible either.

Submission of the deposit copies – Report and Certificate

Note: In accordance with the Regulations on the Awarding of a Doctoral Degree Art. 18 Sect. 1, you will be entitled to hold the doctoral degree only upon receipt of the doctoral degree certificate. To receive the doctoral certificate for the award of the title "Doctor rerum naturalium, Dr. med. rer. nat.", you must first hand over 8 printed and possibly corrected copies of your dissertation to the Publications Office of the University and publish your dissertation electronically (see https://www.ub.uni-muenchen.de/schreiben/dissertationen_habilitationen/index.html).

In accordance with the Regulations on the Awarding of a Doctoral Degree Art. 17 Sect. 1, the copies have to be submitted within one year following the delivery of the provisional notification. The certificate is issued automatically after electronic uploading and submission of the dissertation to the university library. As soon as the doctoral certificate is ready for collection at the dean's office (approx. 3-4 weeks after submission of your dissertation at the university library) you will receive a message from the dean's office by e-mail and you can pick it up at the dean's office during the usual opening hours. Only after receiving the certificate you may officially bear the title Dr. rer. nat.