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Physics is the foundation of all the sciences, including medicine. It explores the laws of the physical world, in all their complexity and diversity, from the tiny scale of elementary particles to the immense scale of the universe, in order to quantify them through experimentation, understand their theoretical foundations and derive possible applications.

Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cosmology

Astrophysicists examine the emergence, formation and development of planets, stars and galaxies as well as the structure and history of the universe, including its invisible parts of dark matter and dark energy. more

Molecular Biophysics, Statistical Physics

Biophysicists use the methods and principles of physics to understand the structure and dynamics of biological molecules and how they organize in biological systems in order to fulfill certain tasks. more

Solid State Physics, Nanophysics

In the field of solid-state physics and nanophysics we study the properties of nanomaterials and solids. more


Elementary Particle Physics

Our group studies the properties of the elementary constituents of the universe: atomic and subatomic particles and their fundamental interactions. more


Laser Optics and Quantum Optics

We are carrying out research in the field of quantum optics and quantum many-body systems using ultracold atomic & molecular quantum gases; we photograph electrons about nuclei occurring on attosecond time scales. more

Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology

Our goal is a physics-based, quantitative probabilistic description of current and future atmospheric states and the improvement of weather and climate predictions. more

Medical Physics

Our group promotes research in medical physics, with special focus on advances in pre-clinical and clinical radiotherapy for a wide range of beam modalities, from established conventional sources up to laser-based systems. more

Physics Education

Our working group is engaged in research across the full range of physics education. One main focus is on the development of new digital materials for teaching and learning. more

Mathematical Physics

We study the mathematical structure of physical theories. Wherever experiments are not (or not yet) available, mathematical consistency considerations become more and more important. more

Arnold Sommerfeld Center

The Arnold Sommerfeld Center (ASC) is an international center for theoretical physics. Its purpose is to bring together scientists from all over the world and from all fields of theoretical physics. more