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MSc Physics

General Information

Program: Physik (Master) Period of Study: 4 terms (expected)
Degree: Master  Requirements: Bachelor degree
Start of Program: April or October Qualifying Exam: Yes
Language(s): English Overall ECTS-Points 120 ECTS-Points

The Faculty of Physics at LMU Munich offers a four-semester Master of Science degree program in Physics. Studies can be started both in the winter and summer semester. This Master's program is divided into two blocks: In the first and second semesters the Master's students attend courses in advanced physics and in the Faculty's research specialization areas. The third and fourth semesters are devoted to the one-year Master's thesis.


The primary goals of the Master's program in Physics are to impart expertise in current research topics on the basis of a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals of physics. Research methods, strategic planning, and critical evaluation of scientific findings, acting autonomously as well as career-relevant qualifications are central. During the two-year course of study, the ability to proceed methodically in both theoretical and practical physics is developed. Building on the knowledge gained during the first two semesters, these abilities will be strengthened during the one-year-long research phase of the third and fourth semesters.