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Examination Office: Information concerning corona

The German page.

Public access to the examination office is currently closed.

On this page you find informations from the examinations office about current developments corona virus epidemic. Please see this page regularly for current information. You will find information for master students only. For further informations please see the German webpage.

For EMail communication please use your LMU EMail address (e.g. ...@campus.mu.de or ...@physik.uni-muenchen.de).  We hope you understand that currently we cannot answer questions like "Did everything arrive", or "When will I get ...", "Is the ecrtifificate already there ...".

Admission from the aptitude assessment for Master degree studies

Please use the form and send via ordinary mail a certified copy of your bachelor transcript or another document showing that you finished the Bachelor. Then we can send you the admission letter from the aptitude assessment ("Masterzulassung"). Please have in mind that the enrollment is done by the International Office.

Registering and handing in certificates,  thesis etc.

Currently you have to submit the master thesis or certificates (Scheine), and other requests via postal service. Please  send it to the examination office.
  LMU München
  Fakultät für Physik
  Prüfungsamt Physik
  Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
  80539 München
Please be sure to follow the guidelines for master students in detail. Otherwise this will cause unnecessary questions and delay. More details below:

  • Registering your master thesis
    For Master Physics and Meteorology, please fill out the form and send it via ordinary mail together with the signed originals of the certificates from the practical phase and the "Bescheinigung zur Durchführung der Masterarbeit" to the examination office (see the webpage).
    Please proceed similarly for Master Astrophysics and send us the "Bescheinigung zur Durchführung der Masterarbeit" together with the certificates as explained at the page and detailed at the page.
  • Handing in the master thesis
    You received the date for handing in your thesis as you registered the thesis (the date on the postal stamp is enough for us).
    Please fill out the form, sign  the two copies of your thesis (see the webpage for formalities), and send it to the examination office.
    Additionally, please send a pdf-file of your thesis to pruefungsamt@physik.uni-muenchen.de . The pdf-file may not be larger than 10MB. In the form above you certify that the pdf-file is identical to the printed version you sent to us. The pdf-file alone is not enough for handing in your thesis.
  • Handing in certificates (Scheine)
    Please fill out the form and send  it together with the signed originals of the certificates/Scheine to the examination office. Only the official signed and stamped/sealed certificates can be accepted (see also below - Certificates from Master Lectures).
    Certificates from other faculties/universities or from another degree program need a recognition (Anerkennung) .

Issuing of certificates etc

  • Issuing of the Master Certificate
    We can send the original certificate and transcript of record to the semester address (as mentioned in LSF) or to an address which is given on your id, as a proof of residence. You have to fill in and sign the form and send it via ordinary mail to the examination office.
  • Certificates/Scheine from Master Lectures.
    If you know that a professor has sent certificate to our hands at the examination office, you may  send us an EMail an we can register the credits in the transcript. We cannot send certificates individually.
  • Shipment of the Master Certificate
    Only if you send us the signed application form via ordinary mail, we can send you your final Master certificate and transcript to your semester address ("Semesteranschrift", the address given in LSF). We can only send the master certificate to another address if you provide a proof of residence. In germany this can be done with a copy from the ID ("Personalausweis", front side and  flip side).