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The Trial Course - hands-on physics experience

The Physics Trial Course takes place during the last week of the Bavarian summer school holidays. It is designed for prospective students of physics. Its content and requirements are particularly suited for committed 11th and 12th grade students and also for very dedicated 10th grade students.

The popular image of physics is characterized by only a handful of topics, so we have designed our Trial Course to help you successfully plan your major. By experiencing our full range of research specialties, school-age students and those about to enter the university get a fascinating look at the possibilities studying physics has to offer. The many experimental and theoretical projects also provide a better sense of the everyday work of a physics student.

You’ll probably have lots of questions that are not answered over the course of the lectures and lab work. Lunch with professors and the lab supervisors will provide you with an opportunity in a relaxed environment to gain a broader perspective of student life and a physicist’s day-to-day research issues.

For information with regard to registration, please visit the German website.